Extraction System Components

Here you will find modular combinable extraction system components as well as professional capture and filter systems. Expand your extraction system according to your needs and select the appropriate supplements for your individual application!

Universal slotted suction canal extraction system

The industrial scope: our universal slotted suction canal extraction system. Captures exhaust gases safely and very precisely. Modular design, versatile use.

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Slotted suction canal automation elements

Switches, door locks, lifting devices, modern slotted suction canal automation elements make it possible to integrate into complex operational processes as well.

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Slotted suction canal supplemental elements

Stable arc elements, return rails, accessories: Slotted Suction Canal supplemental elements for an easy expansion to a round rail or complex rail systems.

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Slotted suction canal swivel arms

Our unique construction series: Slotted suction canal swivel arms Universal application, can be operated manually or electrically.

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Wall swivel arms

Simple and valuable swivel arm versions for various purposes. All our swivel arms are equipped with the advantages of the slotted suction canal system.

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Horizontal articulated joints

Light, horizontal articulated swivel arms. Different models for the addition of various extraction devices.

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Hose unreelers

Mechanical and electrical hose unreelers. Ideal for workshops or as single area extraction.

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Energy-efficient radial fans. Large volume stream, lower or high-pressure differences.

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Noise protection

Noise insulation capsules: reliably reduce all fan noises, for interior and exterior installation.

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Exhaust gas hoses

Resistance-capable, flexible exhaust gas hoses for the widest range of applications and for high temperatures.

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Our extensive accessory line: optimally adapted to our systems – pre-installed and ready-to-connect.

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Capture & Filtering

Point extraction arms: safely capture welding and soldering smoke, oil mist, floating dust. Plus: mobile filter systems.

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