Exhaust Extraction Systems for Fire and Emergency Stations

Trust in safety

Blaschke exhaust fumes extraction systems for fire stations and emergency vehicle service depots reliably protect the teams from hazardous diesel exhaust gases.

Fire department and rescue services do a hard job. Full concentration and physical endurance are demanded for a mission. Here it is particularly important that the health of the assets is not jeopardised before the mission even starts. An example of this is through diesel exhaust gases in the fire houses and military bases as they are released when the service vehicles drive in and out. These diesel emissions (DME) quickly reach a toxic concentration in enclosed rooms and buildings. The health of the fire station and rescues teams is then acutely jeopardised. This is because you can literally have “black eyes” from toxic vapours. The aggressive exhaust gases irritate the eyes and respiratory paths and put stress on the heart and circulatory system. The World Health Organisation (WHO) classifies diesel exhaust fumes as carcinogenic.

Special extraction solutions for your individual case

Blaschke extraction technology goes into action where the hazardous exhaust fumes occur – directly on the exhaust pipe. We have developed our systems especially for the extinguishing and rescue vehicles or technical emergency services. Diesel exhaust fumes, rust particles and fine dust are safely captured and transported out via the roof. It does not matter is so require a simple solution for the smallest fire station or an elaborate pro solution for professional fire stations, rescue services or a technical emergency service: Blaschke pro extraction systems ensure there is cleaner air in your service stations. Our extraction systems meet the requirements of the technical rules for hazardous materials (TRGS 554) and the ordnance to provide protection from hazardous materials. This also applies by the way – the only national occupational safety regulation – to persons who volunteer, for example volunteer fire stations and aid organisations.

Quality and technology made by Blaschke

Our products have been made out of high-quality materials and are pre-installed at our company. Here our technicians and engineers take note of every detail. Patented extraction technology offers you optimum security and functionality – even at high drive-out speeds of your service vehicles.

Easy handling

Pneumatic capture sleeves with an integrated patented exhaust device: loosens automatically from the exhaust pope when the vehicle drives out.

Highest security

The patented fully automated GateStop device: safely brakes the extraction carriage when decoupling and attaches it in the gate area.

Modern controls

Fan controls: from a simple pressure sensor to the individually programmable radio transmitter with automatic activation.

Easy-to-follow planning and installation

Our systems consist of modular units. This modular principle ensures the easy-to-follow planning and installation of your new extraction system. An easy expansion is possible at any time.

Blaschke suction systems require no stoppers, magnetic plates, slide-over brushes, stops on the exhaust, welded-in attachment points or attachment parts drilled into the chassis. They are therefore light and easy to install.
When developing your new extraction system, we are at your side to help. Your personal contact partner will accompany you in every project phase. We consult with you in detail on what is the optimum solution for your fire station or rescue service. Your project manager is with you directly on site at your depot, also during installation. We will train your team after installing the system. We are only satisfied when everything works seamlessly and is ready to use. You can rely on it!

Our service for volunteer fire stations: We will be happy to advise you personally – also outside of the regular office times! Set up your desired appointment time.

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