Exhaust Extraction System AirRail-Profi

The high efficiency pro system with aluminium slotted suction canal profile

Perfectly suited for service halls or fire station pots with two or three service vehicles parked in a row that drive out in one direction. The exhaust fume extraction system AirRail-Profi offers you all of the advantages of our AirTrack-Profi extraction system: such as pneumatics, hose equipment and our patented, pneumatic capture sleeves. And it is particularly appealing if it is a question of visual aspects.

When bring out the service vehicle, the extraction carriages line up in the gate area. The hose follows the vehicle until it leaves the hall. Here pneumatically sealing capture tubes automatically separate from the exhaust. Beneficially supported by our patented exhaust device. The AirRail-Profi extraction system makes it possible to quickly disengage the vehicles. This is important when every minute counts when it is being used! There is no system-activated retraction of the hoses after decoupling, thereby guaranteeing additional safety.

The aluminium slotted suction canal rails are mounted parallel to the direction of motion in the area of the hall ceiling. Here the aluminium slotted suction canal simultaneously takes over the carrier rail, the track rail and the function of the horizontal hose. Ideal for parking spaces with two to three vehicles in a row with exhaust pipes to the back or side.

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Your benefits at a glance:

  • Ideal for 2-3 vehicles standing in a row
  • Has all of the advantages of the AirTrack-Profi system
  • Any extension speed possible
  • Is impressive, also in its visual aspects
  • High load-bearing aluminium slotted suction canal profile
  • All details as a PDF brochure as a download
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