AirSKY-BSR and AirSKY-Profi Extraction Systems

AirSKY extraction systems – beneficial for vertical exhaust systems with exhaust pipes directed upward

Both systems are perfectly suitable for individual parking spaces into which the vehicles drive in backwards. Also ideal for drive-through halls and parking halls with vehicles parked behind each other and which drive out in one direction. When parking backwards, the vehicle movements are adjusted by the crossways adjusting devices of the system.

With the AirSKY BSR System with the beneficial slotted suction canal the vertical exhaust pipe moves into the V-shaped capture hood.

With the automatic AirSKY-Profi System the GateStop device stops the carriage unit in the gate area, without moving back. The vertical exhaust pipe is automatically surrounded by the grip arms of the height-adjustable capture hood. The following applies in every case: Harmful exhaust gases are safely captured and reliably transported out.

When the vehicle drives out, decoupling automatically occurs via a settable switch device. The vehicle can leave the hall without braking. This is important when every minute counts when it is being used!

We recommend our built-in remote radio control or mini-radio transmitter to start a fan automatically.

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Your benefits at a glance

  • Safe exhaust gas removal
  • Patented GateStop device
  • Automatic coupling to the vehicle
  • Proven extension speed
  • All details as a PDF brochure as a download
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