Modular Extraction System Components

So that everything fits perfectly: System components to even more flexibility

The widest range of application areas requires special solutions. This applies both to your job and to our systems. Blaschke capture systems are modular and are expandable and combinable. Design your exhaust gas extraction location in an individual and variable way: how it best fits your fire station, emergency technical service or rescue service needs and your budget.

Capture sleeves and TorStopp devices increase safety and acceptance

The international patented TorStopp devices brake the extraction carriage at the end of the train and affix it at the gate area. A large sleeve product range, particularly pneumatic capture sleeves, always ensures a sealed and solid connection on the exhaust pipe.

You have everything under control with our modern system controls.

Choose between to model versions for the reliable control of your fans: the ECO standard typical on the market or our industrial standard. Add-ons such as pressure, fumes or radio sensors can be integrated for even more convenience. Our control cabinets include several basic functions: such as the activation capability via the gate control, from the message centre or simply by wall switch or panel. For our optional, high-quality industry standard controls, every integration of modern structural elements such as logo, SPS, and bus systems is possible. This also applies to the multi-level or level-free control of the fan.

Professional safety technology for the fire station equipment building

Be impressed by our extensive product range. We offer you vertical hose equipment, safety posters, high-quality fans, extensive accessories such as pipe lines, noise insulation capsules and a large selection of holder structures.

Our AirDust filter system ensures cleaner air at every workstation – even in your fire station depot.

When working, for example, with fire extinguishers, considerable quantities of fine dust, which is hazardous to the health, are released. Our easy-to-operate AirDust system captures the dust at a precise point and diverts it into a filter. The dust particles can then be professionally removed later.

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Your benefits at a glance:

  • High flexibility
  • Extensive Range
  • Professional safety technology
  • International patented TorStopp devices
  • All details to download as a PDF
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