Exhaust fume extraction systems for industry & vehicle workshops

Our high-efficiency extraction systems also reliably capture large exhaust gas quantities. Select the right solution for your industrial business, your production hall or your passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle workshop – and protect your employees effectively from hazardous diesel exhaust gases.


Extraction systems that are the perfect fit for your industrial operations: from single workstation and special solutions to systems that automatically follow along.

Construction machines

Extract diesel emissions reliably from wheel loaders or excavators: Pro systems for maintenance halls of construction vehicles and machines.

Mining equipment

Large exhaust gas volumes – great Blaschke extraction technology: effective and safe exhaust gas removal for heavy equipment in mining and underground work.

Agricultural vehicles

Systems for agricultural vehicles: perfect exhaust extraction technology – cost-effective solutions.

Military vehicles

Sturdy exhaust systems for all military areas. Can be used for military vehicles and units of all models.

Vehicle workshops

Practice-appropriate and well-conceived: Our extraction solutions for passenger and commercial vehicles.

Vehicle testing centres

Pass every test: Our pro extraction systems for passenger and commercial vehicle inspection centres.

Mountain cableways

Safe in the snow: Extraction systems for mountain cableway workshops and snow vehicle depots.

AirFresh System

Our AirFresh ventilation system provides fresh air even in mobile work rooms, for example crane cabins.