Agricultural vehicles

Perfect extraction technology – cost-effective solutions

The service of agricultural traction machines and vehicles such as tractors, towing vehicles, threshers or choppers requires a high level of technical know-how, experience and dedication from the employees.
That is why it is all the more important that your employees are not put into danger from hazardous diesel exhaust gases while performing their demanding work. They can escape into the production or maintenance hall during maintenance work with the motor running.
Blaschke extraction systems offer you effective protection from air pollutants – with precise exhaust gas extraction directly on the exhaust pipe. Our comprehensive production line meets all requests for a cost-effective and reliable extraction: from simple hose unreelers to slotted suction canal swivel arms of the widest range of models.

You control the systems manually or electrically with and without radio control.

All Blaschke exhaust gas extraction systems are state of the art and set themselves apart through their stable structure with a long service life. Our decades of experience will ensure you have investment security and cost-effectiveness.

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Benefits at a glance:

  • Versatile extraction line
  • Effective, precise exhaust gas extraction
  • Stable structure with a long service life
  • All details as a PDF as a download
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