Fume Extraction Systems for Military Vehicles

High-performance extraction solutions for military vehicles and units

When servicing military vehicles with running engines, diesel exhaust fumes can escape which can hugely negatively impact the health of the maintenance technicians. Therefore reliable exhaust fume extraction is essential, even in vehicle workshops and brake test benches of military.

Blaschke Umwelttechnik offers you sturdy extraction systems for all military areas. It does not matter whether you have slotted suction canal swivel arms, wall or horizontal swivel arms: We adapt the respective system ideally to a vehicle type and the unit of all models, while taking into account the different exhaust sizes of military vehicles.

The turning, driving and lifting functions can either be controlled manually or electrically, such as by radio.

Blaschke extraction solutions of course meet the latest civilian and military technical standards and meet all international regulations and guidelines. All systems set themselves apart through their stable structure with a long service life and reliable extraction capacity.

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Benefits at a glance:

  • Sturdy system construction
  • High-efficiency extraction technology
  • Flexibly adaptable to different exhaust sizes
  • All details as a PDF as a download
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