Exhaust Extraction Systems for Workshops

A clean idea – extraction solutions for passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles

Practice-appropriate exhaust extraction solutions apply in workshops to passenger vehicles, transporters, lorries or buses. Safe systems that precisely meet the respective requirements and work reliably.
Even if most vehicles have reduced-emission vehicles today: The exhaust fumes of combustion engines still contain a mixture of hazardous substances. Depending on the engine type and the fuel type, for example carbon monoxides, nitrogen oxides, benzene, hydrocarbons and rust particles.

If the vehicles are serviced or repaired in enclosed buildings, these emissions can quickly reach toxic levels and threaten the health of the workshop employees. More and more – also for Euro-6-standard passenger vehicles – the load from ultra-small fine dust particles is being focused upon. They can penetrate unencumbered into people’s lungs and thereby cause hazardous illnesses. There are therefore strict regulations for the operation of combustion engines.

Protect the health of your employees – with professional exhaust gas extraction. Blaschke exhaust gas extraction systems reduce the hazardous material load at the workstation – in the only effective way. Our systems capture and remove the hazardous exhaust gases right at the source: specifically on the vehicle exhaust. Our solutions will help you to meet all regulations for health and occupational safety.

With our versatile extraction range, we offer you just the right solution for every application: from capture via standing funnels to modern slotted suction canal system to an automatic ring system. Choose between simple and cutting-edge technology – exactly as it meets your needs.

Blaschke extraction solutions are state of the art. You can control the fan functions of our systems manually or via modern radio technology.

Our aluminium slotted suction canal system precisely captures the hazardous emissions directly at the vehicle exhaust pipe, extracts them and then safely transport them outdoors.

The system is designed according to the modular principle and is supplemented by an extensive add-on line. Mechanical or electrically operated extraction carriages with modern control principles, patented switch joints and other automated components guarantee the seamless integration into complex operating processes as well.
Mechanical or electrical hose unreelers are also a proven exhaust gas extraction variation for daily use in workshops or in individual workstations.

Our systems can be delivered installation-ready and can be installed on site yourself or affordably by our experienced installation team.

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Benefits at a glance:

  • Precise exhaust gas extraction
  • Our modular system for the highest flexibility
  • Low-maintenance and long service life
  • Easy and affordable installation
  • All details as a PDF as a download
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