New Exhaust Extraction Solution: our RailCombi System

Our new RailCombi-System is the perfect solution for all railway depots servicing modern train types with combined diesel-electric engines.

In these depots, retractable overhead lines allow the entrance of diesel powered DMUs as well as electrical EMU’s. For the maintenance work strict protocols to reduce the risk of depot employees are in place.

The RailCombi-System is installed on a working platform between two tracks. Four, six or more bridge units can be driven by remote control to any position along the railway track. The extraction hoods are lowered down on to the exhaust safely from height. Diesel exhaust can be effectively extracted and can’t spill into the surrounding air.

Our OLE-control monitors supervise permanently the end and parking positions of the extract units. If the overhead line is in operation, the extract system cannot be operated, and vice-versa. This ensures maximum safety for employees in train maintenance depots.

In practice, the RailCombi-System is already proven in several Technic-Centres of our French customer SNCF. We are happy to inform you personally about more details.