Extraction solutions for your industry

Our exhaust gas extraction systems ensure clean air at every workstation

Our highly functioning extraction systems safely capture diesel and other exhaust gases and thereby drastically reduce the hazardous material load in enclosed rooms and halls. No matter whether it is a railway depot, fire station, workshop or industrial business: We offer you solutions and systems precisely tailored to your industry. A comprehensive line of individual components, capture and filter elements as well as grating systems rounds out our product range.


Railway depots

Efficient, cost-effective and safe: Extraction systems for maintenance and repair halls of railway vehicles.


Fire & rescue services

Effective and safe extraction solutions for the service vehicles of firehouses and emergency services.


Industry and workshops

High performance: Extraction systems for industry, special & military vehicles or vehicle workshops.


System components

Supplemental single elements, professional single station solutions and proven filtering and capture technology.


Grating systems

Reliable complete service: Grating, steel profile and GRP gratings as well as steel structures quickly and custom-made.


Capturing & Filtering

Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) workplace fume extraction with point-extraction arms carry away hazardous fumes.