RailCombi Exhaust Extraction System

Versatile application, reliable and low-maintenance

The ideal extraction version in maintenance halls with stationary work platforms: our innovative RailCombi solution. The flexible exhaust extraction system combines the benefits of the RailBridge system and mobile swivel arms: reliable diesel exhaust fume removal, optimum performance and high cost-effectiveness.

We developed our RailCombi extraction system primarily for railway depots in which both electrical and diesel-operated vehicles can be serviced. Retractable overhead lining (OLE) makes it possible to maintain diesel railcars even in electrified depots. Strict rules and regulations to protect the life and health of the railway employees apply to maintenance operations.

Our RailCombi diesel fume extraction system meets all safety specifications that apply in combo maintenance halls. An overhead wire safety unit continuously monitors the end positions and the parking positions of the capture units – either mechanically or electronically. The extract system cannot be switched on while the overhead line is in operation. The capture hoods are lowered securely and precisely from a large height and positioned directly over the exhaust pipe. This ensures the highest safety level for your employees.

Four, six or more platform units can be remote controlled at each point via the maintenance platform with the RailCombi system. The capture hoods are lowered securely and precisely at a large height and are send to the exhaust pipe. A strong fan unit ensures effective extraction, also for engine testing with high motor speeds.

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Your benefits at a glance:

  • Combines RailBridge and a swivel arm system
  • Ideal for depots with a retractable overhead line (OLE)
  • This ensures the highest level of safety
  • All details to download as a PDF
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