RailPoint Exhaust Extraction System

The cost-effective solution for full trains or railcars of any kind

Do primarily the same railcars or railway vehicles in your train depot or in your maintenance facility have to be extracted? Then our partially stationary RailPoint exhaust extraction system is the ideal solution for you. The system also securely extracts large exhaust fume quantities and is appealing due to its high level of effectiveness and can be used quickly.

The RailPoint extraction system has stationary, height-adjustable extraction hoods. Flexible high-temperature hoses make it possible to lift and lower the individual hood. This means the can be placed safely and directly onto the external exhaust of the railcar and it reliably captures all hazardous diesel exhaust fumes.

You can conveniently control the RailPoint exhaust extraction system either by radio control, control panel or modern touch panel displays. After completion of the extracting process and before activation of the electrical overhead wires, the extraction hoods are lifted to the secure, upper park position.

The extraction units are usually attached under the roof structure. The required volume flow is created from high-efficiency, low-noise fans that are installed in the hall or on the roof with a pipeline system of the appropriate size. These tubes safely transport the exhaust gases from the extraction point toward the blowout lines and keep the air in the hall clean and fresh.

The system is available as a stationary unit or as a mobile unit with limited room for cross and longitudinal movements, if flexibility is required.

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Your benefits at a glance:

  • Cost-saving and effective
  • Can be used quickly
  • High acceptance
  • All details as a PDF brochure as a download
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