Exhaust Extraction for Fire Stations: Case Study Buchloe

Industry: Firehouses, technical relief and rescue services

Our customer

The voluntary fire station of the city of Buchloe primarily ensures fire protection for the area of the city of Buchloe in the municipal district of Ostallgäu (12,300 residents). Also some large businesses are part of the sphere of influence. The fire station now with modern equipment can turn to nine vehicles and three trailers for its missions.

Our task

Blaschke Umwelttechnik was commissioned to design and install a extraction system that travelled with the vehicle and automatically uncoupled for the vehicle and washing hall with 10 parking spaces. Here, the goal was to implement a reliable and sealing system despite different exhaust pipes of the service vehicles. The fan should start automatically.

Our solution

The advantages of our AirTrack Pro System with compressed air as well as magnetic sleeves also impressed our customers. For this solution, exhaust pipes that are flush with the vehicle chassis are captured by our especially developed magnet solution. That is why we use magnets with a membrane. An extra anchor plate on the vehicle chassis is superfluous.

A compressed air pulse secures the automatic unlocking of the system at the gate. The remaining vehicles have their exhaust captured with our compressed air sleeve with patented exhaust device with a 100% seal. Due to the TorStopp device, also patented, all systems stop at the front gate and “wait” until they are unlocked when connecting them to the vehicle. This makes using the system very convenient for our customer the Buchloe fire station.
An energy-efficient fan unit consistently ensures an effective volume flow. This means that harmful exhaust gases and suspended materials are cleanly and safely transported out of the hall. When one of the hall doors opens, the fan starts – as desired – automatically and switches back off after the freely settable post-run time.
In the washing hall, stationary units were installed which were individually set and adjusted depending on the vehicle and the exhaust location.

“Move out quickly in exceptional cases? No problem with the patented Blaschke extraction technology. And most important: Our new exhaust extraction system effectively protects the health of our employees“.

(Thomas Ogiermann, 1st commander)

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