Exhaust Fume Extraction for Railway Depots: Case Study SNCF 1

Industry: Railway depots and maintenance halls

Our customer

The Société nationale des chemins de fer français “SNCF”, is the national French railway, responsible for passenger and freight transport on the rails in France and for the maintenance of the routes and vehicles. Blaschke Umwelttechnik has been a partner for exhaust gas extraction solutions in numerous maintenance depots of SNCF since 2008.

Our task

SNCF commissioned Blaschke Umwelttechnik with the design and installation of a high-performance extraction system for DME pollutants that are hazardous to the health in a two-track, approx. 120m long combo maintenance hall for electrical and diesel-operated railway vehicles. The machine should be easy to operation and be able to be technically integrated into the structural conditions without major changes. The built-in bridge crane and the retractable overhead wires should continue to be usable in alternating operation. The safety with the combined use of the overhead line, crane system and mobile work platforms must be reliably guaranteed.

Our solution

With the installation of our very flexible multi-RailBridge extraction system, we met all of the specifications of our client SNCF. With our cost-effective extraction system, six extraction bridges can be remote controlled at every point via the maintenance track. The capture hoods are moved by an electrical cross movement over any exhaust position on the roof, lowered up to 10 metres and then are precisely placed onto the exhaust. A strong fan unit ensures effective extraction, also for test processes with high motor speeds. These diesel gases are captured directly and are directly transported from the hall.

An innovative overhead wire safety unit continuously monitors the end positions and the parking positions of the capture units. The system cannot be operated when the overhead wiring is extended. This ensures the highest level of safety in the daily work of SNCF employees.

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