Comprehensive inspection and maintenance

Our service gives you security

Blaschke Umwelttechnik provides you comprehensive solutions and service from one source. Consultation, planning, production and installation. Even after commissioning your extraction system, we are there as a reliable partner with our After Sales Service.

Only the regular and proper review and service of your systems ensures the proper function and the continuous maintenance of value. We offer you comprehensive maintenance services and service agreements which are precisely tailored to your needs.

Safety check according to TRGS 554

We perform the test prescribed for your extraction system in accordance with TRGS 554: Our technicians review if your system is in a state safe for operation at the time of the test. The visual and function check of the mechanical system parts includes the following:

  • A check of the system equipment, comparison with the information in the inspection log
  • Testing of the status of components & devices in terms of damages, wear, corrosion or other changes
  • Check for completeness & effectiveness
  • Attach a sign with the month of the next inspection
  • Final meeting of the inspection
  • Documentation of the test results & any deficiencies in the test report

Regular inspection and maintenance

The regular service of your extraction and filter systems is a very good idea from financial perspectives. Only then is it possible to detect any damages early and remedy them. This boosts the service life of your extraction systems and protects you from unnecessary subsequent costs.

Our service encompasses all actions required to ensure a usable and safe state of the system:

  • Testing and setting the mechanical functions such as control and switch devices, chains, slip clutch, cable bracings
  • The removal of contaminants which can negatively impact the functional safety of the machine, for example soiling of the fan by rust, dust or other materials

Fault analysis and immediate repair service

Blaschke extraction systems have a long service life and work fault-free for many years. However, in individual cases, a repair can be necessary. If we determine this during our safety inspection or service, we will immediately record the details and make you and offer on the required repair work. This give you an overview of all costs. Upon request, our service technicians can immediately perform smaller tasks.

Your benefits:

  • Your system can be fully reused again immediately
  • You save additional travel costs to the value of your system is maintained
  • The legal requirements are met
  • Consultation on which measures are to be initiated
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Our maintenance service - pays off for you

Regular maintenance expands the service life of your extraction system. Expensive idle times and repairs are prevented by our service. An investment which pays off for you.

Our services for you:

  • Individual maintenance plan
  • Priority scheduling
  • Visual check of the individual components
  • Status check
  • Maintenance according to maintenance rules
  • Documentation and recommendation of required actions
  • Remote service – fault analysis by phone
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