Procurement – we are strong in a network

Always the main focus – the needs of our customers

At Blaschke Umwelttechnik, we do everything we can to develop and install the best extraction solution for our customers. We offer our customers high quality standards but no standard systems. And we stand behind our warranties – even after the successful installation of a system. We meet the various requirements of our customers along with our high-performing partners.

Creating common values – being successful together

For over four decades we have built a reliable network of national and international suppliers and service providers. We collaborate with you in a constructive manner, for the long term, based on trust. It is our mutual goal to establish customer satisfaction. For us, that is the best guarantee to exist with international competition and to generate further growth. In order for everything to run smoothly, we maintain a vigorous and open exchange of information with our partners and suppliers.

We are strong in a network – let’s become partners!

We are always looking for reliable and experienced suppliers. Here we rely on particularly smaller, flexible companies and are open to new product ideas. You are the right partner for us if quality, adherence to deadlines, cost optimisation and flexible project handling are just as important to you as they are for us. If you can offer us competent consultation and support. And if you need us, we are at your service after delivery or project completion.

We are looking for you as a supplier and a partner for a number of product parts, materials and services:

  • Simple & complex components made of metal, plastic & rubber as well as bonding materials
  • Engineer services
  • Regional partners for installation, service and maintenance
  • Construction and installation services
  • Suppliers of structural parts made of steel, including edge and round metal parts
  • Switch cabinet builder for simple and complex system controls