AirFresh Ventilation System

Fresh air for mobile work rooms

Workers in mobile, enclosed work areas – such as in crane cabins – are often subjected to special stresses. Air pollutants, heat, cold, can jeopardise the health of the employees.

The optimum solution for these exposed work areas: Our Airfresh ventilation system. The slotted canal system reliably ensures clean, dust and contaminant-free air. Freshly cleaned external air is guided via a fan into the cabin with minimal excess pressure. If necessary, the air can be heated or cooled. Your employees benefit from a draught-free fresh air flow and a pleasant temperature. A simple filter can also be integrated for the entire system upon request.

The ventilation slotted canal rail is laid parallel to the crane rail and attached. A special carriage is attached to the crane cabin and moves on the ventilation nozzle canal, according to the crane movement and brings fresh external air into the cabin with a settable excess pressure.

Good to know: Our effective system of work-intensive air-conditioning systems is superfluous. It is also no longer necessary to continuously clean and replace circulating air filters. The poisoning hazard is also avoided by deficient filter changes. You save costs and time and benefit from the highest level of security

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Benefits at a glance:

  • An optimum alternative mobile work rooms
  • Affordable & quick to install
  • No circulating air filter required
  • Draught-free fresh air flow
  • Temperature adjustable
  • All details to download as a PDF
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