RailSwivel Arms Solo + Duo

Optimally for fixed workstations: stationary swivel arms

The secure exhaust fume extraction solution for single or multiple-rail maintenance and repair halls of diesel-operated railway vehicles: our flexible extraction system RailSwivel Arms Solo and Duo. The compact units can also be used for tight hall conditions and in halls with overhead wires or built-in hall crane systems.

The effective slotted extraction rail system ensures the reliable disposal of diesel fumes for the widest range of railcar types. The suction arms can be swivelled from 90 to 320 degrees. This allows the use of the system on two adjacent platforms.

The swivel arms are equipped with high-adjustable, flexible extraction hoods. These capture units are positioned lightly and securely over the exhaust. Diesel exhaust fumes and other air pollutants are completely captured and extracted. The air in your depot remains free of harmful particles.

You can control the system manually or automatically in a very convenient way using a manual transmitter or operating panel. If necessary, the extraction unit is swivelled away from the live overhead wire or crane system laterally in park position. The simultaneous operation of the extraction system and the overhead line (OLE) is precluded due to sophisticated safety mechanisms. That ensures high security in terms of the application and in maintenance operations.

The RailSwivel system is mounted to the hall beams, the wall or on a stand with a plug-in swivel arm.

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Your benefits at a glance:

  • Beneficial in fixed workstations
  • Works in electrified depots with OLE
  • Versatile application
  • Possible use on 2 adjacent tracks
  • Work range: to approx. 15 m
  • All details to download as a PDF
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