RailWay Fume Extraction System

Efficient slotted extraction rail system: with turnable double hood for large locomotives

Our RailWay system is appealing as a high-performance slotted fume extraction system for particularly large extraction volumes. The system can be installed in work areas with work platforms, crane systems and fixed or swivellable overhead wires, also subsequently. With a fixed overhead wire, with a system-lifting device, the fume extraction unit can be lifted from the danger zone, such as when an express train is to drive in or out. The bridge-shaped extraction system with the slotted suction canal system can be used for the widest range of diesel locomotives and railcars.

The turnable extraction units capture and also extract large quantities of exhaust gas. The system is mounted on the hall roof structure. Any number of capture elements can be integrated. This means that even very long maintenance halls can be completely equipped.

All functions of this fume extraction system can be electrically set. You will optionally receive this system with a system lifting device for the combined operation of electrical and/or diesel railcars or locomotives.

Our complete service: We We installed our RailWay-system subsequently in an existing existing maintenance facility for the Deutsche Bahn diesel locomotive 218 and different rail car types. Special aspect of the DB series 218: V-shaped double exhaust pipes. Despite tight space, it is possible to “lower” the large double hood after completing the extracting process by turning between the overhead wire, the crane system and the work platform upward under the roof to the secure parking position.

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Your benefits at a glance:

  • High-efficiency slotted extraction canal system
  • A travel range of any size is possible
  • Large, turnable double hood
  • Any number of capture elements can be integrated
  • Optionally with a system lifting device for E-vehicles
  • All details as a PDF brochure as a download
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